"Sew Creative Cafe" Class Policy & Release Form for Kids Classes


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                               email: SewCreativeCafe@gmail.com

Single classes are $23 /hour (if you don't want to sign up for the full month)

Tuition Fees  paid monthly in advance.

1 hour class =$22 each (paid by the month =$88 / 4 weeks -prorated for more or fewer weeks in the month)

2 hour class =$44 each (paid by the month =$176 /4 weeks -prorated for more or fewer weeks in the month)

There is a $30 fee for returned checks.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, AmEx & Discover

Prices & schedule are subject to change. Payment reserves your space.

No refunds or credits unless we can fill your space from a waiting list or if we cancel a class.

Students must be current with their tuition in order to participate.

Please be courteous and advise us if your child is unable to attend a scheduled class so we can schedule a make-up class for someone else.  Our make-up policy will only really work if we know when there are spots available for others make-ups.

Sewing classes are open to any student boy or girl - aged 6 and up. Young 6 or 7 year aids will do better if they have some reading ability.

We have found that it is best for most kids to be at least 8 to be ready for knitting or crocheting classes. Please speak with our instructors to help assess your child's readiness.


Policy for Missed Classes:

We require at least 24 hours to reschedule for a make-up class. 


We cannot provide a make-up class without advance notice of a missed class.


Make-ups must be scheduled by a parent within 8 weeks of the missed class.


A missed make-up class without advance notice is forfeited.


Students must be current with their tuition in order to participate in a make-up class.


Missed classes will not be credited towards the next month's tuition.


Last minute cancellations count as a paid class regardless of reason.


Students may be photographed for advertising purposes. Last name will not be used if published.  Students must have a signed liability release form on file in order to participate. 

It is possible that your child may be injured while participating in any "Sew Creative Cafe" program because of their own conduct, the conduct of others or the condition of the premises. All students agree to behave safely and use all tools in a safe manner.

Students are taught sewing machine safety and correct use of adult sewing and related tools in class.

Please read & keep this top portion for your reference.

Please sign, clip & return this lower portion to the teacher.

I hereby release "Sew Creative Cafe" from all liability for any injury or harm to my child from participating in any "SCC" Program.

I have read and understand this release of liability. I have read and understand the business andclass policy regarding missed classes. I hereby grant permission for "Sew Creative Cafe" to administer basic first aid or seek appropriate medical assistance. I agree that my child is expected to behave in a manner that allows all children in the class to receive appropriate instruction.

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